Face Lift St. Petersburg

beautiful faceFace lifting and neck lifting have received considerable amount of attention over the years. Surgeons have scrambled to be the next one with a new catch phrase like Lifestyle lift or Quicklift to allure patients searching for the “latest” techniques. What they don’t want you to know is that most of these procedures utilize the same techniques employed by most face lifts. Remember, you get what you pay for . . . most of the time. Patients frequently look for the branded name on a TV commercial like the Lifestyle lift, Quicklift, or similar. It’s important to realize these branded names are marketing stunts to entice patients to request that branded name. Honestly, it’s brilliant from a marketing standpoint. However, patients don’t want to be victims of effective marketing. They want safe, perfect results. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Newman evaluates a patient’s desires and anatomy, then recommends the surgical options. This may include a Lifestyle lift or Quicklift or you may require more extensive surgery for the full face and neck lift. Most importantly, you will get a list of options and expectations before you make a decision.