The Brazilian butt lift continues to rise in popularity. Sometimes called butt augmentation, it uses fat collected through liposuction to enhance the shape, size, and projection of the butt, making it one of the most effective body contouring procedures available. If you’re considering undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, then it’s important to know what to expect from your recovery. Here’s what to know about your butt augmentation recovery and how your board-certified plastic surgeon can help.

1.      Wear your compression garments as much as possible

Compression garments are one of the most important steps in recovering from a body contouring procedure. Not only do they help your skin adhere to the new contours and shape your results, but they help prevent fluid buildup under the skin and reduce swelling. Expect to wear your compression garments 24/7 for at least eight weeks, only taking it off to shower or change dressings. You’ll check in with Dr. Newman regularly to ensure your results are coming along as they should, and he can give you the best idea of when it’s appropriate to begin going without your compression garments.

2.      Don’t sit on your new butt

Although fat transfer is a natural way to augment and enhance your figure, it takes time for transferred fat cells to establish blood supply and settle into their new location. Sitting directly on your new butt can put pressure on the fat and reduce circulation, killing off the fat cells before they can adjust (although it’s normal for some of the fat cells to not survive the process regardless). Our team will help you learn ways to avoid sitting on directly on your butt like putting a cushion or pillow under your legs, or sitting on a special donut-shaped pillow instead. You should also make sure to sleep on your side or stomach.

3.      Avoid exercise

Elevating your heart rate can put stress on your body and make it difficult to recover – it can also increase swelling and bruising. Bouncing activities like running or jumping can put strain on your new butt and any incisions. It’s important to postpone your exercise regimen for at least one month after surgery, at which point you can gradually return to activities like light walking. Avoiding exercise helps the fat cells become stable so they have the best chance of taking hold. During your follow-ups with Dr. Newman, he can monitor your progress and give you the best idea of when you can begin exercising again.

4.      Prepare your recovery area

Your initial recovery will consist of 1-2 weeks of dedicated rest at home. For that reason, it’s important to take some time and make your recovery area comfortable. Pick a comfortable bed or couch in a climate-controlled room that has a bathroom nearby (ideally on the same floor). Make sure you have plenty of pillows and entertainment, as well as snacks and clear liquids. It can also be helpful to prepare some re-heatable meals ahead of time, so you don’t need to cook. Make sure to also arrange for some help from a friend or family member if you need child- or pet-care. And finally, fill your prescriptions ahead of time so you don’t need to stop at the pharmacy on the way home from surgery.

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