The goal of plastic surgery is to provide the patient with long-lasting aesthetic results through proven techniques and approaches. Unfortunately, not all providers of these procedures are concerned with providing the patient with high-quality results. Many of the procedures offered by some surgeons are designed to provide noticeable superficial results that will dissipate quickly.

One type of procedure that has been flooded by these less-than-satisfactory techniques is the facelift. You may have heard of things like a lifestyle lift, weekend lift, or quicklift. These procedures only focus on the skin of the face in order to cover up the noticeable signs of aging. They do not correct the muscles and underlying structures of the face responsible for those symptoms.

Don’t be fooled by catchy names or clever marketing. If you want long-lasting and high-quality facial rejuvenation, contact our office to schedule a consultation with plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Christopher Newman.