Rhinoplasty and septoplasty are procedures that focus on altering the nose. Rhinoplasty is used to help create a nose that suits the patient’s aesthetic and functional needs. Septoplasty – a form of rhinoplasty – is a corrective procedure that is designed to correct any deformities or damage in the septum of the nose.

Septoplasty can be combined with aesthetic rhinoplasty to help patients who suffer from a deviated septum and are also dissatisfied with the outward appearance of their nose.

In order to successfully perform these procedures, you will need a surgeon who is both technically skilled and artistically skilled. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Christoper Newman has the skill and artistry necessary to successfully perform both procedures with fantastic results.

If you are interested in septoplasty, aesthetic rhinoplasty, or a combination of both procedures, contact us to schedule a consultation.