Obagi skin care is the line of skin care I promote. I’ve used it on my patients for years and it works! How many times have you had someone try to sell you something, but realize they themselves or their family don’t even use it? Obagi is the line of product I put my family on. Too many times I get the response, “But I like the sun, so I have to stop my Obagi.” Obagi is for people who ARE exposed to the sun. They are the ones who need it most! The important thing to know and remember is to always wear sunscreen. This is important whether you use Obagi or not.

I also get the comment, “Obagi is too harsh for my skin.” Obagi is prescribed for specific reasons and customized to the patients’ needs. If you are on an aggressive regimen, either it was prescribed that way, or you were not prescribed the correct regimen. When is the last time someone had a chemical peel, and because they peeled, the physician stopped doing them because the patient peeled? NEVER! Chemical peels are called that because they cause peeling. Some Obagi regimens cause peeling because we want it to. Unfortunately, some clinicians put patients on regimens and don’t know what they are doing. Then when the peeling starts, they “react” and validate a patient’s concerns that something is wrong. Make sure you see someone who knows what they are doing. In the right hands, Obagi can be your fountain of youth!