The world of plastic and cosmetic surgery can become overwhelming quickly. Most surgeons and practices seem to try to distinguish themselves by offering signature or brand-name procedures that are more focused on making you a customer than providing you with excellent results.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Newman, on the other hand, focuses on one thing: providing safe procedures that deliver perfect results.

In order to do that, Dr. Newman does not focus on selling the “perfect” procedure to you but instead focuses on helping you find the perfect procedure for you. Dr. Newman will take the time to fully evaluate your case so that he can recommend options that will satisfy your needs. He will even provide you with a list so you can make a more informed decision.

Make sure the surgeon you choose for your plastic surgery is someone who cares about your health and safety during and after the procedure, someone who places your needs first. Dr. Newman has the expertise and knowledge to provide you with amazing care and results. Contact us to schedule a consultation.