Laser Treatments St. Petersburg


Lasers are sexy because they represent modern technology and an option for non-surgical rejuvenation.  Laser is actually an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  Lasers are light based energy devices that have particular wavelengths of light (energy) amplified with filters.  Each laser will have a specific target called a chromophore.  The chromophore (target) to be treated may be red like red blood cells in spider veins.  The chromophore may be purple or black such as tattoo pigment or it may be water as the erbium laser treats for skin resurfacing.

Because lasers have specific chromophores or targets, the proper treatment requires a specific laser.  In St. Petersburg, Florida, lasers are ubiquitous with med spa.  Take a stroll down the street in St. Petersburg, and you’ll see that there are more med spas than there are gas stations.  The problem is that med spas purchase used lasers that are ok for some treatments but not ideal for any treatment.  They then market that laser for everything under the sun providing inferior results to unsuspecting patients.  This diminishes the reputation of laser treatments and leads to wasteful spending by trusting patients looking to have a particular problem treated.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Newman has had the opportunity to use lasers of many types including Sciton, Lumenis, Syneron and Rohrer Aesthetics.  Through this experience Dr. Newman has developed a keen sense for which laser is ideal for each application.  With his assortment of lasers, Dr. Newman can treat a myriad of problems by having all of the lasers that treat all chromophores (targets).