Laser Hair Removal St. Petersburg

Laser Hair RemovalThe diode laser has been a gold standard for laser hair removal for many years.  By focusing on 810 nanometers, a wavelength that focuses on pigment found in hair follicles and hair shafts, treating hair with pigment is accomplished with ease.  Previous lasers were slow and could only deliver one 9 mm spot per second.  Dr. Newman’s laser hair machine can deliver up to ten 14 mm spots per second making laser hair removal fast!  Laser hair removal of the back can be completed faster than ever.  Pigmented skin can be treated more conservatively if needed at a slower rate.

The laser hair removal device that Dr. Newman uses requires no down time.  Treatments can be treated in as little as a minute, depending on the size of the area being treated.  A cool ultrasound gel is first applied to the area.  Then the handpiece is applied, and the treatment is delivered.  The hand piece has a chill tip that cools the skin as it delivers treatment improving patient comfort.  Laser hair removal patients can return to work or even go swimming the same day laser hair removal treatments are completed.

Laser hair removal is typically marketed as requiring 5 to 6 treatments.  Most of the hair reduction occurs by 3 treatments, but some will require more treatments.  Factors such has medications, stress, and hormone fluctuations can affect the rate and density of hair growth.  On any given day, a hair follicle can be in one of three phases; anagen, telogen or catagen.  Anagen is the active growth phase of hair follicles.  During this phase, hair can grown about 1 cm per month.  Some hair follicles remain in anagen for up to 6 years while others only 30 days.  It is during this phase that follicles and hair have the most pigment and are more susceptible to laser treatments.  Catagen is a transition phase that hair follicles go through before entering the telogen phase which is a resting phase.  This phase lasts for about 100 days.  About 100 telogen hairs are shed each day naturally.

Because hair is best treated in the anagen phase and phases are temporary, laser hair removal treatments have to be repeated every 4 to 8 weeks to treat new hairs entering anagen phase.