IPL Photofacial St. Petersburg

Sun Spots and Rosacea Treatments

“IntenseIPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a light-based energy treatment that amplifies the entire visible light spectrum and delivers it to treat various skin lesions. When IPL is delivered, a bright flash in the entire room is characteristic of treatments which requires protective goggles to be worn during treatments. Because IPL is light based, it is commonly referred to as photorejuvenation. There can be mild discomfort during an IPL treatment and has been described as feeling like a rubber band snapping the skin.

IPL is not actually a laser because it does not magnify a single wavelength of light, but instead magnifies all wavelengths of light. IPL is delivered using various filters out certain wavelengths of light while preserving other wavelengths of light allowing better focus on the desired target. For instance, there is a vascular filter that filters wavelengths of light narrower than what is absorbed by the blood cells thereby focusing the treatment on vascular lesions. This treatment would be ideal for rosacea and can be used for dilated capillaries and small veins.

There is a filter for acne allowing focused light ideal for treating the bacteria commonly found in acne prone individuals. Treatments twice per week for at least two weeks are necessary to appreciate reduction in severe acne, but improvements are commonly seen after one or two treatments. IPL can be combined with other treatments or can be offered alone. Combination approaches are more effective than a single method alone. Keep in mind, acne is a symptom of a behavior, diet, or systemic entity. IPL can help the acne symptom, but better responses are seen when the underlying cause is addressed.

There are also filters that allow IPL to focus on age spots or sun spots. Age and sun spots are pigmented lesions sometimes called dyschromia and are effectively treated with IPL. Similar to tattoo treatments, the pigment absorbs the light energy of the IPL fragmenting the pigment. The pigment turns dark over the following 5 days then falls off in a week or two after treatment. Sun spots may require more than one treatment and IPL can be combined with other modalities to enhance results.

After care is minimal. Makeup can be applied immediately afterward, and sun bathing is not recommended. There is no downtime at all from IPL. Don’t wait any longer to look as good as you feel. Costs for these treatments are probably less than you would expect. Call us today for an expert consultation. All treatments are delivered by Dr. Newman.