Vaser LipoSelection St. Petersburg

VASER LipoSelectionVASER LipoSelection utilizes ultrasonic technology that liquifies fat allowing removal by suction cannulas. Because VASER utilizes ultrasound technology, it is selective for fat which is easily liquified by ultrasound sparing blood vessels and other sensitive structures such as the skin. This same ultrasound energy stimulates the skin to contract resulting in tighter skin after liposuction. The procedure can be done in as little as 90 minutes while you are awake using local anesthesia. Because the technique is safer than traditional liposuction, there has been a surge of primary care physicians offering the procedure after taking weekend courses. Weekend courses are no substitute for the training a surgeon receives during an accredited residency in plastic surgery. Ask your potential liposuction surgeon if he or she is in fact a residency trained plastic surgeon.