Now Offering Cosmetic Laser Treatments

We are pleased to offer the following services using state-of-the-art Spectrum Laser System: Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation, the elimination of Vascular and Pigmented Irregularities, elimination of sun damage including sun spots or age spots, the reduction of small facial blood vessels, the reduction and removal of leg veins, the removal of tattoos and the removal and reduction of wrinkles.

Not only do these laser/IPL treatments really work, but they also have minimal to no down time!

The treatments offered are:

Permanent Hair Reduction

The permanent reduction of unwanted body hair from virtually any part of the body. Our diode laser system has been FDA approved and can be used for all ethnic groups and skin colors including tanned skin. Most reduction occurs in the first 3 treatments. Occasional maintenance treatment may be needed.

Vein Treatment

Eliminate unsightly spider veins and broken capillaries on the face, around the nose or on the legs. With our advanced NdYag laser system, you will see noticeable improvements after only one treatment.

Lunchtime Laser Peel

Our Erbium Yag Laser will freshen your appearance and improve skin texture with minimal downtime. Lunchtime peels can be done every 3 to 4 weeks and can be accomplished during a lunch break.

Tattoo Removal

“Erase Regret”. Our Q-Switched Yag Laser breaks up tattoo ink into tiny particles removing what was supposed to be permanent. Multiple treatments will be needed but the Q-Switched laser treats both light and dark color using both 532 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths.

Acne Treatments for Adults and Teens

This IPL approach reduces acne by infusing pulsed light into the bacteria. Improvements are normally seen within just a few days after the treatment.

Don’t wait any longer to look as good as you feel. Costs for these treatments are probably less than you would expect. Call us today for an expert consultation.

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Fractional CO2 Special! Don’t let the winter season go to waste.  Transform your skin into a younger you!  Fractional CO2 laser treatment can reduce fine lines, correct uneven skin tones, and tighten skin peeling back years of aging.  Choose no down time with milder settings or minimal downtime with more aggressive settings.  Face Treatments are only $1,500 for a limited time.