Skin Cancer Treatment St. Petersburg

skin cancerSkin cancer affects people of all demographics. The most common risk factor is sun exposure and is related to the exposure that occurred before 20 years of age. Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma are more common than Melanoma, but surgical excision is the treatment of choice for all skin cancers. The management of these skin cancers including reconstruction can be coordinated by your personal plastic surgeon. Don’t wait to schedule your appointment as a delay in care can result in larger less appealing scars. Many times your skin cancer can be treated in the office in less than 30 minutes. Skin cancer treatment is not cosmetic even when located on the face, so insurance typically covers the procedure.

Skin cancer can be found anywhere on the body but typically on sun exposed areas. Lesions on the body that haven’t resolved in over a month should be looked at by a physician. This can be your primary physician or plastic surgeon. No referral is required unless you have an HMO insurance plan. Simple excisions require closure which usually results in a linear scar. Occasionally, a flap or skin graft will need to be used when there is little laxity in the surrounding tissues.

Most times a lesion commonly called a mole can be removed and paid for by insurance. This can be determined during your consultation with Dr. Christopher Newman, your personal plastic surgeon.