A skincare laser peel can be done in record time. Taking approximately 60 minutes for completion, it has become one of the most popular skin care treatments available. Its reputation is well known in the skincare industry because it is such an easy way to treat the skin.

What Is A Laser Peel?

A laser peel is a common facial that is used for multiple reasons. Visible signs of aging and acne scarring can be diminished through the use of a laser peel. By using skin resurfacing technology, skin looks healthier and feels tighter for a more youthful appearance.

A trained medical professional can perform a laser peel in an outpatient setting. Laser peeling removes the outer surface layer of skin to create a fresher and firmer texture. Depending on the type of laser peel requested, you may receive anesthesia or numbing medication.

This type of treatment is safe and successful for many types of skin. For wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, laser peels are one of the most effective treatments available.

Can A Laser Peel Improve My Skin?

As skin ages, the texture will inevitably change. Deep lines and sagging will occur regardless of hydration and diet. To effectively tighten and soften skin, facials have been used for decades. A laser peel is similar to a facial in the sense that it exfoliates the skin, but in a way that is more thorough.

A laser peel can improve skin in a multitude of ways. For fine lines and wrinkles, it can effectively smooth skin. In addition to the appearance of aging, lifting the outer-most layer of skin can improve scarring. Deep acne scarring from years prior can leave lasting damage to the face if not thoroughly treated. Using a laser peel can help reduce the appearance of scarring so that you don’t have to rely on makeup for even coloring.

How Does It Work?

After a proper facial cleanse, a trained medical professional will use a laser for the designated treatment area. There is little pain that is associated with a laser peel, since it is only the top layer of skin that is penetrated. Once the layer of skin is removed, treatment is essentially over. The skin may be dehydrated for a few days.

Most people achieve their goal results after just one treatment. To define treatment goals, consulting with a medical professional beforehand can guide you through what to expect. Depending on whether you are treating acne scars or eliminating the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth, appointment times and outcomes may vary. The results of a laser peel are typically noticed within one week after the appointment.

Schedule a Consultation

Laser peels are a quick way to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring. For healthier-looking skin that is both tighter and smoother, talking to a trained medical professional can help you further understand the process. For more information, set up an initial consultation with Dr. Christopher Newman in St. Petersburg, Florida.