Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

As we age, skin collagen diminishes, and elastin is damaged, allowing gravity to take its toll on the abdomen. When we lose weight and fat decreases beneath our abdominal skin, the fat is no longer holding the skin up and, like


Excess skin and hanging tissue can be present in the upper arms due to a significant weight loss, pregnancy, or other factors. With an arm lift, patients can achieve tighter upper arms and improve their confidence. What is an Arm

Brazilian Butt Lift

If you want to enhance your backside without the use of artificial implants, the Brazilian butt lift can benefit you. Using your own fat cells, the Brazilian butt lift results in a larger, rounder, and shapelier backside. What is a

Fat Grafting – Body

Whether it’s from volume loss with age, poor contours from injury, or just a natural feature you’d like enhanced, fat grafting can offer a solution. Using your own fat cells, fat grafts can restore volume to the body and improve


Are you struggling with stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t budge? Liposuction is an effective solution for eliminating unwanted fat from almost any area of the body for a slimmer and more proportionate figure. What is Liposuction? Liposuction is


Is excess, hanging skin and fat on your lower abdomen creating discomfort or preventing you from participating in certain activities? There are many reasons why excess skin and fat may develop in the lower abdomen, including age, genetics, pregnancy, prior

Post-Bariatric Surgery

While dramatic weight loss can have many benefits both physically and mentally, it can also lead to excess, sagging skin that doesn’t snap back after the weight is lost. Surgical body contouring is a solution to remove excess skin and

Thigh Lift

With age and after weight loss our skin can begin to weaken, resulting in sagging. This hanging tissue and excess skin can be impossible to remove with diet and exercise alone. With a thigh lift, you can achieve the toned