Is ProNox Better Than General Anesthesia?

ProNox is an innovative sedation technique that helps patients to feel no pain and be completely relaxed during their procedure. This is a patient-controlled option that can be used instead of general anesthesia. ProNox provides the patient with a fusion of 50 percent nitrous oxide and 50 percent oxygen while allowing them to administer the mixture—known as laughing gas—themselves when they need it. ProNox is a safe and effective pain and anxiety reliever that can be used during various medical and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Newman believes in giving patients the best care, that is why we are one of the few medical practices in our region that offers ProNox.

ProNox Delivers What It Promises

The mixture of gases that make up ProNox has a long history and is widely known to ease pain and anxiety, making patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their treatments. The combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen has been given the nickname “laughing gas” because the fusion often makes patients feel so calm and at ease that they laugh, regardless of the procedure they are about to undergo. One notable advantage of using ProNox is that it is fast acting and the effects are felt immediately.

No Recovery Time is Needed

After patients receive ProNox, there is no recovery time needed. When the patient finishes breathing in the ProNox fusion of nitrous oxide and oxygen after their procedure is completed, the effect diminishes almost immediately. Because there is no downtime, the patient can drive themselves home, go back to work, or even run errands after leaving the doctor’s office.

How Does the Patient Administer ProNox Themselves?

ProNox is a gas-driven system that is a portable machine which can be easily and conveniently brought into the patient’s room when needed for a procedure. It is equipped with a tube that the patient inserts in their mouth when they need to administer the ProNox. Whenever the patient feels it is needed, the ProNox is delivered by inhaling through the mouth. It is completely self-administered which helps patients feel comfortable.

Good Candidates for ProNox

ProNox is a safe product and has been used with patients worldwide for several years as an alternative to anesthesia while undergoing various medical procedures. ProNox doesn’t contain any medication because the combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide are effective enough to ease pain and anxiety without medication, thus, it is a risk-free option for replacing oral and IV anesthesia. Most of our patients are good candidates for ProNox. But if you are a potential new client of Dr. Newman’s, you will need to book an appointment to speak with him regarding your specific case and the use of ProNox. He will go over your concerns as well as medical history to make sure that the ProNox is the best sedation option for you.

Take The Next Step and Schedule a Consultation

Before it can be determined whether you would make a good candidate to use ProNox, consultation needs to be scheduled with Dr. Newman, or an associate so they can discuss your case with you. Fill out the form on our “Contact Us” page or call the office to schedule your consultation.