If you’re looking into thread lifts to help lift the skin of your neck and lower face, you’ve likely come across the many different types of threads that can be injected into the skin for various benefits. One popular option we’re happy to offer in St. Petersburg are NovaThreads, a type of PDO thread that physically lifts the skin and stimulates collagen production in the region they’re injected.

What Are NovaThreads?

NovaThreads are a brand of dissolvable sutures that are injected into the skin to physically pull on the tissues just beneath the skin and lift them to a slightly higher position. They’re made of polydioxanone, a material used in surgical sutures that are FDA-approved to be safe when used within the body. This compound comes pre-loaded into NovaThreads syringes to ensure sanitation and safety.

Where Can NovaThreads Be Used?

While thread lifts can do everything from perk up your eyebrows to define the border of the lips, NovaThreads are best used in the lower neck, lower face, and midface to tighten loose skin and lift the appearance of issues like jowls or sagging neck skin.

Advantages of NovaThreads

Compared to prior generations of thread lifts that used non-dissolving sutures, NovaThreads are a much safer alternative, not generating unfavorable scar tissue or inviting infection over time. This non-surgical technique is perfect for people who may be interested in a facelift but aren’t quite ready due to their mostly-youthful appearance. It’s also a good way to “try out” a more intense and extensive procedure to see how you like the results.

NovaThreads create instant results that build over time as the sutures trigger the body’s healing response and create supportive collagen as it dissolves. This is a quick and simple procedure that requires no downtime, unlike any surgery that involves incisions.

Who is a Good Candidate for NovaThreads?

The best candidates for thread lifts like NovaThreads are generally people in their 40s who have mild skin laxity in the lower to midface and neck. Admittedly, NovaThreads do not result in the same dramatic (yet natural) appearances after a facelift, but they can help subtly improve the areas you’re concerned about.

With any injectable treatment, patients should have realistic expectations for what threads can and cannot achieve, and be generally healthy with a good skin condition and no active infection.

The NovaThread Process

After having a consultation with Dr. Christopher Newman to ensure you’re a good candidate for NovaThreads, you’ll schedule a time to come in for the treatment. During the treatment, we’ll first numb your face before injecting the threads in a pre-determined pattern into your skin. The microscopic barbs on the treads pull your skin in the direction of the injection and cross-threads help them maintain their lifted position.

There’s no downtime and few side effects, mostly just mild bruising, swelling, and redness. Dr. Newman will likely tell you to avoid pressing or rubbing harshly on that area for a few days, but other than that, there are no restrictions on skincare or activities.

NovaThreads in St. Petersburg, FL

Find out more about thread lifts with NovaThreads and see if it can help you enjoy a more lifted, youthful appearance by calling our office today. We love the simplicity and natural results of this treatment and can’t wait to help you look your best! Contact us today to get started.