The breast augmentation procedure can be life-changing, giving you the breast volume you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to enhance naturally small breasts or restore volume loss after age or pregnancy a breast augmentation with implants is highly effective with a very high satisfaction rate. With the ability to choose your implant material, size, shape, placement, and more, the procedure can be customized to meet your unique needs for years to come. Although today’s breast implants are stronger than ever, your results are not meant to last a lifetime. What you do after your procedure is important when it comes to maintaining your look and confidence. Here are five things that are important after your breast augmentation:

1. Recovery

Recovery is one of the most important parts of any surgical procedure. While Dr. Newman will do everything he can during your procedure to give you the best results possible, what you do during your recovery also has a direct impact. The most important thing you can do after your breast augmentation is to take the proper amount of time to rest. This should involve taking some days off work and avoiding exercise for several weeks. Certain movements like lifting heavy objects or anything that involves the chest muscles could damage your incision sites and affect your results. It is recommended that you have someone stay with you for at least the first day or two to help with household chores or small children. How you sleep after breast augmentation can also impact your results. For several weeks after your procedure, sleeping on your back is a must!

It’s important to relax during your recovery time and listen to your body, and your surgeon, as you heal. By following all of your post-op care instruction and restrictions carefully, you can ensure successful healing for satisfying results. Dr. Newman will also be available to answer any questions you might have during your recovery process.

2. Exercise

Once you’re fully healed, Dr. Newman will give you the OK to resume exercise. Going on short walks while recovering can help improve your circulation to help with the healing process. After two weeks, more intense cardio can be started, but more strenuous activity and lifting should still be avoided. Most patients can resume all exercise after six weeks, but this time will vary depending on the techniques that were used. Exercise is important to your health, and therefore your results after breast augmentation. By getting a healthy amount of exercise, you can avoid weight gain that could distort your results, minimize stress, and other unhealthy habits. Make sure you wear the proper support bra during high-impact activity to avoid future sagging.

3. Mammograms

After your breast augmentation, regular mammograms are still important to ensure your breast health. Make sure you inform your doctor about your implants, how long you’ve had them, and their material before your exam. Silicone and saline implants can be difficult to see through during your mammogram, so you may require a few extra pictures to ensure all tissue has been x-rayed. If you have silicone implants, periodic MRIs are also recommended to check the structure and safety of your implants. While a mammogram checks your breast tissue for any abnormalities, an MRI images your actual implants to detect any signs of tears or complications.

4. Support

Your new breasts will need the right support! A special support bra will be given to you to wear as much as possible in the weeks following your procedure. This will give your new implants the support they need in order to properly settle and help minimize swelling. Wearing an underwire bra too soon can irritate your incisions and prevent your implants from settling properly. Once fully healed, it’s important to wear a bra with good support to prevent future sagging, especially when exercising.

5. Weight Management

Fluctuations in your weight can affect your whole body, including your breasts! Weight loss is one common reason for undergoing breast augmentation to restore volume loss. That’s why it’s important to avoid significant weight fluctuations after your procedure by establishing a regular exercise routine, eating the right foods and portion sizes, and getting an adequate amount of sleep. Make sure you include plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and lean proteins in your diet. Skip foods that are high in sugar, sodium, and fat.

Finding a Breast Augmentation Surgeon Near You

Ready to enhance your breasts with a surgical procedure? The first step is choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon near you. Those in the St. Petersburg, FL area can trust board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Newman with their breast augmentation needs. Dr. Newman is an expert in breast augmentation, delivering safe, effective, and long-lasting results. To learn more about breast augmentation or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Newman in St. Petersburg, FL, contact our office today. During your consultation, Dr. Newman will discuss your concerns, goals, and breast augmentation procedure options to develop the customized treatment plan you need.