Breast reconstruction can be done for aesthetic reasons to boost self-esteem and improve your body image. In addition to that, you can undergo the procedure for health reasons to restore mass after suffering from breast cancer. Due to advancements in microsurgical techniques, plastic surgeons can offer a plethora of reconstructive options for patients. The good news is that the procedures and treatments are individualized and tailored towards one’s needs. We take you through some reconstructive possibilities that you can consider.

Autologous Tissue-Based Reconstruction

According to Dr. Newman, autologous tissue-based reconstruction is ideal for complete mastectomy restoration. As the name implies, the plastic surgeon uses your tissue during the process to carry out the reconstruction. Usually, the expert takes your abdominal muscle or back muscle and blends it with fat plus skin to get a breast mound. The good news is that due to growth in the medical realm, the plastic surgeon can use tissue from any part of your body for the process.

The highlight of autologous reconstruction is that the abdominal tissue gives a natural appearance. The breasts will also feel natural after you heal, since the muscle resembles the natural chest. The process will require you to stay in the clinic or hospital for 2 to 3 days, and the recuperation lasts for some months.

Implant-Based Reconstruction

Patients across the globe prefer implant-based reconstruction that gained popularity as of 2002. If you are looking for aesthetic appeal to make your breasts fuller and perkier, silicone implants deliver outstanding results. Dr. Newman, who is a certified plastic surgeon, starts the procedure by inserting a tissue expander under the chest muscle either partially or fully.

After the expansion occurs over the next several weeks, the specialist will remove the expander and replace it with an implant. This procedure often goes hand in hand with fat grafting so that your breasts can have tissue coverage and symmetry as well. The fat grafting process entails harvesting fat from some parts of your body and placing them in your chest. Additionally, the surgeon carries out nipple reconstruction so that you can have the best outcome.

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Oncoplastic surgery goes in line with breast cancer treatment, which entails conserving the tissue. Dr. Newman ensures that after the procedure, your breast will have the ideal shape and position as well. What’s more, he will make sure that your chest area has the right volume using tightening and lifting techniques.

On that account, the surgeon will utilize oncoplastic breast surgery skills by cutting out cancer cells and tumors and reshaping the chest concurrently. In addition, the surgeon will add volume and enhance the symmetry at the same time. The nipples will be in in a natural position, and the breasts will look natural.

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Ultimately, patients need to feel confident once more if they have breast cancer due to restoration and cure. Therefore, they deserve the services of a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Newman. It will be easy to discuss your options with the doctor since he has the necessary training and experience. The treatment and care will be personalized since your needs are different from other patient’s issues.