Breast implants are generally used to enhance the size of your natural breasts. Breast-augmentation surgery is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries available today. You may be a perfect candidate for breast implants if you are in good health and you’ve always wanted fuller, firmer, and lovelier breasts.

The type of implant and exact technique used depends on your personal goals and the advice of your plastic surgeon. There are two main types of breast implant that you can choose from. These are:

• Saline Implants
• Silicone Gel Implants

Consult with Dr. Newman and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each implant to find the one that’s the most beneficial to you.

Overview of the Surgery

Breast augmentation is an outpatient surgery with minimal chance of complications. The surgery consists of placing a saline or silicone gel implant inside the breast to improve size and projection. At the start, anesthesia is given to ensure a comfortable and painless procedure.

Dr. Newman will then make an incision in order to place the implant. This will be made at one of three possible sites: in the armpit, at the crease below the breast, or on the lower edge of the areola. The exact location will be discussed during your consultation.

Once the incisions have been made, tissue pockets are created through these incisions. The chosen implants will then be inserted. After adjusting the implants to the desired position, Dr. Newman will close the incisions with surgical stitches.

Dr. Newman can choose to place the implant in one of two places: under the chest muscle (underneath the breast) or beneath the breast tissue. Since both options have their benefits and drawbacks, Dr. Newman will have a detailed discussion with you about the preferred placement of your breast implants prior to the surgery.

Many surgeons feel that the best approach to breast implant placement is to place it under the chest muscle. By doing this, the risk of capsular contracture is reduced. Capsular contracture is when scar tissue hardens around the breast implant. This placement is also known to have minimal interference with mammography.

Is Breast Implant Surgery for You?

Breast augmentation may be right for you if:

• You think your breasts may be too small.

• You have gone through pregnancy and breastfeeding has left your breasts looking dull.

• You have asymmetrical breasts where one breast or areola is bigger than the other one.

Getting a breast-augmentation surgery can do wonders for your self-esteem and self-confidence. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of enlarging your breasts before coming to a decision.

Set Up an Appointment

In order to find out more about breast augmentation, including its numerous benefits, the full details of the healing process, and your breast implant options, contact our office and schedule a consultation.

When you visit us for an appointment, you’ll be able to speak with double-board-certified surgeon Dr. Christopher Newman, a skilled and experienced medical professional, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.