Many people think that having large breasts is a good thing, but women who have very large breasts have a different experience. If you’re considering a breast reduction, then it’s important to know that your reasons are perfectly valid. There are many different reasons that women opt for breast reduction, so here are some of the most common ones to consider as you schedule your consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Newman.

Emotional Distress

Having very large breasts can draw negative attention for many women. It can be distressing to receive comments or feel like you have to wear baggy clothing to cover up. It can also feel like a point of ridicule or teasing, making it difficult to feel confident in situations where it’s normal to wear swimsuits or revealing clothing. A breast reduction can achieve a more proportional, flattering breast size for your body, helping you feel more confident.

Difficulty Exercising

Large breasts can cause problems during exercise. Activities like running or jumping can be uncomfortable for some women, and you may even be incapable of doing certain activities like yoga or weightlifting. For women with very large breasts, no athletic bra is enough to help them feel comfortable during exercise. In this case, a breast reduction can help you enjoy your active lifestyle to the fullest.

Back Pain

Large breasts can cause pain because of their excess weight. It’s common for women with large breasts to experience back pain or difficulty breathing – they may even have pain from wearing bras that cause deep grooves in their shoulders. A breast reduction can instantly relieve these symptoms, freeing you from chronic pain.

Skin Rash

Skin rash typically forms when skin rubs against itself or doesn’t dry properly after sweating. Because women with large breasts have a deep mammary fold (where the bottom of the breasts lay on the chest), it can put them at greater risk of skin rash and chafing. Smaller breasts can allow the skin to “breathe” better, reducing the health risks that come with large breasts.

Wardrobe Challenges

For women with very large breasts, it can be difficult to find shirts or blouses that can accommodate them. Even if it otherwise fits your body, most types of clothing aren’t made to fit disproportionately large breasts. This can drastically limit your wardrobe options or require you to pay more for custom-made clothing. A breast reduction can open up your options and reduce the time spent looking for fitting clothing.


Very large breasts aren’t always symmetrical. Although all breasts are asymmetrical to some degree, women can have one breast that is noticeably larger or smaller than the other. This can make it very difficult to find appropriate bras or tops. A breast reduction can be customized to reduce the size of a single breast or to bring them to a more symmetrical size and shape.

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A breast reduction is one of the best solutions to overly large breasts. To learn more about your options and discuss how it can benefit you and your lifestyle, schedule a consultation with Dr. Newman at our St. Petersburg office. You can contact us by calling or filling out our online contact form.