As we get older, our facial muscles weaken and the fatty deposits near our eyes sag. This causes the eyelids to look puffy. The eyelids droop and bags form under the eyes. Droopy-looking eyelids not only make you look tired, they can also cut back on your ability to see properly.

Once you come in for an eyelid lift (also known as blepharoplasty), your field of vision will no longer be impaired, and you’ll look younger and rejuvenated.

Many people have a drooping eyelid on only one eye. During a consultation, Dr. Newman will check whether the procedure needs to be done on both of the eyes or just one, as well as whether the upper or lower eyelids need rejuvenation.

Are You a Good Candidate for an Eyelid Lift?

A good candidate for the eyelid lift will have noticeable undereye bags, fine lines on the eyelids, or drooping of the eyelids. These issues can lead to a perpetually tired appearance that makes the person look older than they actually are.

If you’re suffering from a health condition related to your eye, the severity of the health condition may eliminate you as a suitable candidate for the treatment. People suffering from dry eye syndrome, diabetes, and thyroid eye problems may not be suitable candidates for the procedure.

The Eyelid-Lift Procedure

Once you have been approved to get an eyelid lift, a surgical date will be set. At the start of the procedure, you will be administered general or local anesthesia depending on your preferences and the doctor’s recommendation.

If you are being prepped for general anesthesia, Dr. Newman will advise you to cut back on heavy food, stop taking any blood thinners that you are on, avoid pain medication, and eliminate booze and smoking for a while. The surgery is completed in a day and will not require you to stay overnight unless the doctor deems it necessary.

Prior to making the incisions, Dr. Newman marks the areas in precise locations to ascertain the amounts of fatty deposits and excess skin to be removed. Incisions are then made in the natural folds of the upper eyelids, beneath the lashes of the lower eyelids, or on the insides of the lower lids.

Tissues are removed with the help of scalpels, surgical scissors, or cutting lasers. The small incisions are then sutured closed and dressed appropriately.

After Surgery

After the procedure, the patient will need to have someone drive them home, as they will not be able to drive themselves that day. Dr. Newman will apply an antibiotic cream and advise you to use cold packs on the first day after surgery. This reduces swelling and bruising.

The second day also requires that one apply cold packs, but on the third day, the patient is required to use warm compresses. This aids the healing process. After surgery, one may experience mild discomfort; painkillers may be prescribed to help with this.

Make an Appointment to Get Started

An eyelid lift can rejuvenate your looks considerably. It’s vital that you choose the right surgeon to perform this procedure for you. Double-board-certified surgeon Dr. Christopher Newman is an excellent choice and has performed numerous eyelid lifts with beautiful results. To schedule your eyelid-lift consultation, contact our office today.