When someone decides to get a life-changing procedure like liposuction to reduce body mass for a healthier appearance, for most, it is a big step and one that is not taken lightly when considering it.

With liposuction, it is all about what the patient has in mind shape-wise. Whether it be a few inches off the hips or extracting a good amount of fat from the abdomen, the questions a patient may have will probably be the same for everyone.

Common Questions Post-Liposuction

The single most important question a potential patient may have is; can fat return after liposuction? And to be able to answer that question, there will be a list of different elements of the procedure that will need to be discussed in order to answer that question in a complete way. They are:

  • Will liposuction produce permanent results?
  • How much weight can I lose?
  • Will the extracted fat cells return?
  • What will happen if I gain back some weight after the procedure?
  • Will this procedure help to reduce my cellulite?

To answer the first question, the shape in which will be contoured after extracting the correct amount of fat cells will indeed be the permanent shape that the patient will have after the healing process post-procedure.

Now, with that said, of course, how much weight can a person lose is also a very important one to answer for the patient. Some patients want a few inches off in a particular area for aesthetic reasons only, while some who may have a thicker body mass might have the idea that liposuction will be a quicker fix than sticking to a diet plan.

A doctor performing liposuction will have targeted areas that they work on. It is a procedure that attempts to shrink problem areas for a better outer appearance, but it is not a replacement for losing weight. As you will lose some weight, it will be up to you, the patient, to continue a healthy lifestyle in order to keep the shape post-op.

Furthermore, while discussing the process with the patient, the doctor will probably talk about the fat cells that will be removed and the potential for them to return. So, to address this concern, it is an easy explanation but complicated in terms of the main question.

How Does Liposuction Work?

To start, when the doctor removes fat cells, it is permanent. If a small amount of weight is gained after liposuction, that is fine. Even so, if a patient that has had this procedure totally lets themselves go and gains a substantial amount of weight, there will be potential for new fat cells to form. Otherwise, with less weight gain, the fat cells that were not removed will only get a bit larger in size. So again, a small amount of weight gain will not produce new fat cells.

As this is an aesthetic procedure, done to produce appealing results in a person’s body, it is not an unethical question for a patient to want to know if liposuction will aid in reducing or removing cellulite? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is – the procedure will not take away existing cellulite or reduce the appearance. It will not take away sagging skin either. The patient is totally responsible for tightening certain areas of their bodies.

The Necessary Conversation Between Patient and Doctor

These elements are some of the main things that should be discussed after the patient presents a question like; can fat return after liposuction? If these questions are answered upfront when the question is presented to the doctor, then the patient should not have any other questions about weight gain or fat cells.

However, there may be one more question that a person will have before or after the procedure, and that is if an unexpected pregnancy happens, or if they have made plans to become pregnant sometime after liposuction, will their body be affected by the pregnancy process? The answer is – No. If the woman maintains a good healthy weight while pregnant, she should be able to spring back to her former shape post pregnancy.

It is important for the patient to leave a consultation with realistic expectations, so if they choose to have the procedure, they will go in with full knowledge of what to expect after the healing process is over.

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