Are you concerned with sagging skin? Loss of elasticity and collagen are a completely normal part of the aging process. However, for some, it can be a serious source of insecurity. Dr. Christopher Newman and the Florida PRS team understand this. That is why we offer Renuvion: the newest technology in minimally invasive treatments. Dr. Newman and our teamwork to help our patients feel comfortable and confident in their skin, with quality, effective care. By offering the Renuvion system, we help our patients achieve their goals through a simple treatment that doesn’t require lengthy downtime.

What is Renuvion

Renuvion is an FDA-approved minimally invasive procedure that is clinically proven to tighten and firm your skin. Renuvion delivers results that are often visible within the same day and can improve over time. The system uses plasma energy to tighten the skin. This energy is made with helium that is ionized with radiofrequency. This creates plasma energy. When it comes in contact with the undersurface of the skin, it tightens the tissues. This energy is used in controlled temperatures so as not to damage any structures of the skin and leave beautiful, natural-looking results.

How does Renuvion Work?

Renuvion tightens skin by using energy. This energy is delivered through a small handpiece underneath the skin, deep down, causing the tissues to contract. This contraction then triggers the growth of elastin and collagen which results in firmer, tighter skin that you can feel confident about.

Due to Renuvion’s patented design and technology, this energy is highly controlled and delivered with expert precision that has not been previously available. This level of performance combined with proven results is exclusive to Renuvion and we are proud to provide this procedure at our office.

Who Should Choose Renuvion

Renuvion is an FDA-approved, safe treatment and a smart choice for you if you are someone who is concerned with sagging skin. The great news is that this procedure can be used anywhere on your body. It is often used on the face to treat laxed skin but can also treat areas like the neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, and back.

Renuvion is a groundbreaking solution that is perfect for you if you are seeking results beyond non-invasive procedures but are not sure about undergoing complex surgical treatments, such as a facelift or tummy tuck. We understand that choosing cosmetic surgery is a multifaceted and extremely personal choice. With us, you can feel confident knowing that you could not have chosen a more skilled surgeon who cares more about your goals and needs.

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Dr. Christopher Newman is a board-certified plastic surgeon who helps patients achieve their ideal look through the latest innovations and technology available. Our practice prides ourselves on providing safe, quality care to all patients. We look forward to hearing from you!