Over time, it’s normal to see some wrinkles through your forehead or drooping and sagging in the eyebrows. When these issues progress, they can create an angry or tired appearance. A brow lift is a great solution for these common signs of aging. Here is what you can expect from your brow lift with Dr. Newman in St. Petersburg, FL.

Good Candidates for Brow Lifts

A brow lift is performed to smooth wrinkles and folds in the forehead in addition to repositioning sagging or drooping eyebrows. Over time, the eyebrows can begin to sag due to reduced collagen and elastin production. This can create a tired or angry appearance. If this is the case, a brow lift can help restore a youthful, pleasant appearance. To ensure that you are a good candidate for a brow lift, Dr. Newman will also review your health history to confirm that surgery is safe for you. A majority of patients are good candidates for surgery.

The Brow Lift Procedure

There are several possible techniques that may be used to complete your brow lift, and either local or general anesthesia may be used. During your consultation, Dr. Newman can explain which options will be best for your unique concerns and goal results.

In general, brow lifts are completed by making small incisions within the hairline. This allows for scarring that can be concealed easily. Through these incisions, the soft tissues of the forehead and brows can be repositioned as needed. Excess skin may also be removed to further reduce sagging. When these steps are complete, the incisions are closed using sutures.

What to Expect from Brow Lift Recovery

Each patient will have a slightly different experience from their recovery period, but you can expect some swelling, redness, mild to moderate discomfort, and bruising in the treatment area. This is especially prominent in the first several days after surgery when you will be prescribed pain medication and instructed to keep your head elevated to reduce swelling. Cold compresses can also help alleviate discomfort and swelling. Most patients can go back to work or other normal routines about a week after surgery, assuming their jobs are not too physically demanding. Exercise and other strenuous activities can be resumed two to four weeks after brow lift surgery. Dr. Newman will monitor your healing progress during post-op appointments. You may also experience a small degree of hair loss at the incision site, though hair should gradually grow back without intervention.

Your Brow Lift Results

Your brow lift results will begin to be noticeable about two weeks after your surgery as a majority of swelling subsides. You will notice smoother skin with reduced wrinkles and raised, youthful brows.

Brow lift results are long-lasting, but they are not considered permanent. This is because the natural aging process will resume, and some wrinkles or sagging will gradually appear over time. In general, brow lift patients can enjoy their results for ten years or longer. Using high-quality skincare products and scheduling non-surgical procedures can help you elongate your brow lift results. Dr. Newman can help you determine a long-term plan that allows you to enjoy a youthful appearance for years after your surgery.

Schedule a Consultation

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