Tendon damage can occur from years of use or an injury and can greatly limit movement. With a tendon repair surgery, the bone and joint movement can be restored.

What is Tendon Repair?

The tendons are soft, band-like tissues connecting the muscles to the bones. Tendon damage can occur from high intensity sports when the tendon is pulled away from the bone, or from a deep laceration. When tendon damage affects the movement of the wrist, hand, and fingers, a tendon repair surgery can provide relief.

Who is a Candidate for Tendon Repair?

Tendon repairs are necessary when a rupture or laceration occurs to flexor or extensor tendons of the hand and wrist. A surgical tendon repair may be necessary when nonsurgical solutions like casts, splints, or exercises fail to show improvements. Along with receiving surgical treatment, patients should be prepared for some post-operative hand therapy.

The Tendon Repair Procedure

Tendon repair surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia. During the procedure, small incisions will be made over the damaged tendon. The torn ends of the tendon will then be sewn together, and the incisions will be closed. In cases when there is not enough tendon to reconnect, a tendon graft may be performed on another area of the body.

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Downtime and Recovery

Most patients can return home after surgery and can expect several weeks of healing. A split or cast will need to be worn to support the repaired tendon as it heals. Improvements in the outcome of hand surgery are largely due to the post-operative hand therapy. Movement to the hand and fingers should return gradually.

Regardless of who your hand surgeon is, make sure your post-operative care involves a certified hand therapist (CHT). The best hand surgery can be undone without the guidance of a CHT. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Newman in St. Petersburg, FL, contact our office today.